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    Tax Preparation Services You Should Consider

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    Tax preparation is something all Canadians fear and it’s with good reason. Filing errors can be costly and totally mess up your finances, especially if your a young professional or a new business owner a false number on your filing can cause some serious headaches down the line. Most people take all thei papers at the end of the fourth quarter to a tax preparation franchise like H&R Block, or Liberty Tax, while others opt to have an Ottawa accountant firm deal with all the nuances of getting the job done. Which is a better deal, or should you even bother having these businesses dig through your books?

    We always recommend having a professional chartered accountant/bookkeeper and lawyer on hand, especially if you’re a busy person and don’t have a lot of time on your hands. While the allure of a big name franchise might be nice, the attentiveness and intimacy of a smaller one-on-one accounting firm is also very valuable. Certain firms you can find online specialize in larger operations or certain niches of businesses so they can have more precise advice and input on your specific situation.

    When tax time comes around, your bookkeeper would ideally like you to be totally prepared, but at the same time we know if you run a small to medium sized local business that can be hard. Use affordable local bookkeeping services in Ottawa either in house or on an hourly basis, they can advise you on the best way to handle daily financial tasks to make filing less of a headache for them and for you.

    When choosing an accounting firm interview a few and see if which fit your needs specifically. Know what your standards are going in, and don’t be afraid to decline a few if you feel it’s not the right fit. You’re probably going to want to find an Ottawa accountant that has experience dealing with your type of business, and makes you feel assured and safe. They will have exclusive access to your records and you want the best value for your money.

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  • Why Is Mold Remediation So Expensive?

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    If you or anyone you know has ever had to deal with an unfortunate mold or water damage situation, you’ve likely heard them complain about the cost of inspection, testing and ultimately removal. It can be pretty shocking when you recieve that invoice, but the real question you’re probably wondering is, is the cost totally justified?

    The reality is that there is a wide range of expenses you might have to incur and these can vary depending on the severity of you’re infection. Most government departments recommend a home mould solution for common bathroom and kitchen mold in accessible spaces.

    On the other hand, there are other situations when you’ll unfortunately need to seek out the skills of a professional mold removal contractor. These situations include an HVAC infection, anything behind drywall or in vents and shafts. These type of infections are also quite expensive to diagnose, inspect and ultimately remediate.

    Expensive wet or HEPA vacums are used by contractors to remove the visible dark, earthy mold that sticks to walls, but that is often not enough. Airborne mold spores can settle on uninfected areas and spread further, so air quality testing is a big part of making sure the problem has been removed entirely.

    So the question remains, are the costs justified? The reality is that for a mold remediation company to put in all the effort to fully diagnose and remediate mould spores in a timely basis is quite costly. Air quality inspection equipment, as well as dry ice blasting (which removes mold very fast) is expensive and requires specialized training. For a free estimate visit the mold remediation pro’s and get your mold problems solved today

    There is good news though, and that is in most of these water damage or mould situations is that insurance usually covers these type of emergency expenses.…

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  • Natural Mold Cleaning Solutions Explained

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    The idea of even a little bit of mold in your home can leave you feeling disgusted not only in terms of cleanliness, but also scared to think of the removal and remediation costs. Add in finding the source (usually water damage), and it can be a pretty stressful situation to deal with, regardless of the size or scale of your problem. What many people may not know though, is that there are varying degrees of mold problems and the truth is that not all require the dry-ice blasting or super expensive tools involved with mold removal.
    A good example of this is the black, spotty mold found under your kitchen or bathroom sink, or even around your tub. This is quite common and if you hired a mold remediation company every time it became visible, you’d go broke pretty soon! With that said, it should still be dealt with.

    We’ve amassed some basic naturald mold cleaning solutions here that can really help you cut down on the time you spend dealing with basic, unhamrful mold around your house. Take a look, you may be surprised how simple they are

    Vinegar – Yes, basic white vinegar can actually be a very good solution to non-serious mold concerns. The best way to apply it is to spray it on via an old Windex or spray bottle, wait a bit (usually 10 minutes), then scrub it off with an old toothbrush.

    Tea Tree Oil – Yet another very natural solution is tea tree oil which is usually used to treat skin blemishes. When dilluted with a bit of water though, it becomes a powerful mold fighting solution that doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals often used by mold removal companies.

    Baking Soda – You can actually use this in conjunction with water or vinegar to create a simple, low-cost solution to cut through the pesky mold that tends to appear under sinks and around bathtubs.

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  • Introducing OxyGene Radio’s newest Sponsor

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    Bonjour all!


    We’re glad to introduce our newest sponsor The Mold Remediation Pro’s! We all hope that water damage, mold and other mildew issues are never a problem for us, but accidents can happen and obviously we’d like to know how to best deal with it.

    Common Areas Water Damage Can Cause Mold Growth

    Mold growth due to water damage can be a real surprise sometimes, but if you’re aware of the most common areas it can grow, you’ll definitely be able avoid the expensive remediation processes associated with mold, mildew and water damage.

    Basements & Cellars: Notoriously cold and uninhabited during the winter, basements are an easy place for moisture to gather in terms of melted snow which really becomes apparent come the spring. If you have an unfinished basement, or even a recently renovated one, you’ll want to check for dark earthy stains, curious water spots, and even musty smells – these are all signs of a possible mould infection.

    Exterior Ventillation: If you have any external ventilation ports, they can become very susceptible to black mold and mildew problems. Air borne mold spores can get sucked into your homes ventilation and spread very fast which can make the remediation process quite expensive.

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